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Do you want more customers?

Do you want to be one step ahead of your competition?

Do you want cost effective targeted marketing?

Do you want to introduce your product or service to a constant flow of New Homeowner customers every new month?

If you want the above then keep reading to see how we can help get you new customers by using a new method we have secretly been using for our Trade Customers over many years. 

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Our idea is to furnish you with an ongoing list of New Homeowners who have recently moved into your trading area.

By the way this is NOTHING to do with Local Authority Planning Permission..

Every month we compile a completely new list, (no list is ever duplicated) clean mailed and mail sorted by HJS to help you access a completely new untapped database of New Homeowners who have just moved into your area.

They will NOT yet be familiar with where your competitors are, so this will enable YOU to POSITION your company ahead of everyone else, by HJS posting out a carefully worded mailer encouraging them to contact you.

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There are two main things our mailer can do for you. Firstly EYEBALL and secondly RETENTION. Because the new homeowner will be more than likely looking to replace, for example, their carpets, they will look at your mailer and will read it and then search for your website. If they are not ready just yet then the combination of good design and print with a HIGH Gloss finish will mean they are more likely to retain your company details for when they are in the market to go ahead.

Now content is very very important. What you say on your mailer is crucial. As content writers we can help you with this Free Of Charge. Yes we will not charge you for this. Why? Because we want your mailer to be cost effective and successful. We want you to keep on using HJS, and you will only do that if you can see a benefit.

Incidentally one crucial part of content is inviting the potential customer into your company by offering a free gift which could be a free M&S voucher or a free days induction whatever you choose, but the power of FREE is used very effectively by all the big marketing companies.


We have arranged with our clients to allocate just one trades / service category within any one trading area, so after your category is taken, then we are sorry but we will not be able to work with you.

Currently the Kitchen, Footwear and Alarm Installations are taken across England and Wales.

Just a bit of background about our company HJS first, and then we will tell you how we can get you more work, and by the way best not to tell anyone in your Trades Category about this!


We are HJS and we are a professional hub consisting of Graphic Designers, Printers, Web Developers and Marketers. You see we want to cover all bases in promoting your business from A-Z in just one service.


Imagine for this example you are someone who has just moved house into a new area and you do not know anyone.

You have perhaps secured a mortgage or you are downsizing. Either way you want to get your new house how you like it and you probably have a pot of spare money available to make the changes in the next few months.

One of the first things you might want are replacement carpets and curtains for this example. In your letterbox you receive a shiny postcard with all the details of a local carpet retailer showing who and where they are, and a link to their website which you immediately check out.

You then call or email them asking for a quotation or further information.

What we have done is POSITION YOUR COMPANY ahead of the immediate competition..........  because the New Homeowner is a potential hot customer and feels that because you have taken the trouble to welcome them to the area then you must be the best in your particular field

Below Is What The Front & Back Page Of One Of Our Homeowner Mailers For Carpets And Blinds Could Look Like

Carpets Suppliers

Blinds Promotional Materials

We Have Also Reinvented Mousemats & Coasters, Check Out The Video Below

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A Summary Of How Our Service Works For Your Business

Get a list of new homeowners each month in your trading postcode areas who will potentially require your services in the very near future.

Use our unique cleverly worded homeowner mailers to contact these new homeowners so they can benefit from your services.

They become a new customer of your business and you repeat the process with the next new homeowner list, so you have a ready supply of new business whilst growing your client base.

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